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Feel confident about approaching spills at your location when you use green cleaning technologies from ACT BioRemediation Products. Our business provides fantastic eco cleaning products for your needs, including trash deodorizer, asphalt cleaner, and specialty cleaner selections, as well as emergency spill kits that you can place in any location for quick cleanups. These effective cleaners are the perfect way to go green and end your dependency on chemical cleaners.

 Using our asphalt cleaner, trash deodorizer, and other eco cleaning products is smart for a variety of reasons. Our products don’t require heavy transportation or pumping equipment when you are dealing with groundwater or soil issues, are safe to use around humans and animals, and create few or no harmful byproducts. In fact, our products have been used to clean hundreds of polluted sites and are used at Superfund sites across the US. Review our selections and place an order for our products today.

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D. ACT Concrete Cleaner - 1 Lb

SKU: CC-200-1 $30.00
Experience the easiest, quickest concrete cleanup ever. Simply apply ACT’s Revolutionary Concrete Cleaner and walk away. This uses BioRemediation to effectively and efficiently clean up oil, grease, soda pop, gum, bird droppings, blood, antifreeze, and more – all while controlling odors. It helps prevent contaminants from entering storm drains and fresh water and ground water supplies. Plus, it will not remove paint, and is safe to use around plants and animals, including humans.

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