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G. ACT Concrete Cleaner 50lbs.

SKU: CC20050 $600.00
Comes with scoop for easy application.

ACT Concrete Cleaner

ACT® Environmentally Green Formula comes in this commercial and residential strength making cleanup quick and cost effective. All of ACT Product are Water Clean and Water Senses minded by using little or no water and helps prevent contaminants from entering storm drains and fresh water and ground water supplies, simply apply and walk away. ACT’s Revolutionary Concrete Cleaner uses bioremediation to effectively and efficiently cleanup oil, grease, soda pop, gum, bird droppings, blood, antifreeze, rust, mold and mildew at the same time controlling odors. Does not remove paint safe to use around plants, animals, humans. Works on other hard surfaces such as wood, metal, stone, tile and grout 1lbs covers approx. 100sqft.and has no shelf life.

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